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PEEWEE 11s TOURNAMENT - Day 1 of 2
  • Saturday, 8:00am CST-10:30pm CST   Ical event icon
  • Minnedosa PeeWee Tournament Rules 1. This Hockey-Manitoba sanctioned tournament will be governed by the current Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Canada rules and these will be the final arbitrator in all disputes. 2. All players, coaches, managers and trainers must be registered with their respective Association. Only registered individuals are allowed on a team bench. 3. In an event of conflicting colors, the Home Team, as designated on the game sheet, will be required to change sweaters to another color. 4. Teams are responsible for ensuring that their dressing room is left clean and undamaged after use. Teams deemed responsible for damaging Arena property will be responsible for the full repair cost. 5. If a team leads by 7 or more goals at any time after the second period, the game shall proceed in straight time format and stay that way for the remainder of the game. 6. Period lengths. The following are the timing formats and period lengths for the tournament play. Note the Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter these conditions at any time, as deemed necessary. Saturday Game Format: 5-minute warm-up. 1st Period – 15 minutes, 2nd period – 15 minutes, 3rd Period – 20 minutes. Ice cleaning every 2 periods. Sunday Game Format: 5-minute warm-up. 1st Period – 12 minutes, 2nd period – 12 minutes, 3rd Period – 12 minutes. Ice cleaning at the end of every game. 7. Tiebreakers Ties in all games: If tied at the end of Regulation time, a 3 on 3 two-minute Stop time, sudden victory period will be played. If still tied, a shootout format will be used to determine the winner. Prior to the shootout, teams must designate their 3 shooters to the referee. These 3 shooters will take shots in turn at the opposing goaltender. The “Visiting Team” as per the game sheet will shoot first. If the game remains tied after each team has taken 3 shots, the shootout will proceed in a “sudden victory” format. Each team will continue to choose one additional shooter that has not previously taken a shot during the shootout until the tie is broken. If either or both teams have used every shooter available during the shootout, without the tie being broken, the team(s) may revert to any player who has already taken one shot and then proceed again through their list of shooters, one at a time. In Round Robin play, teams are awarded 2 points for a WIN, 1 for an Overtime or Shootout LOSS, and 0 for a Regulation LOSS. There are NO ties. If teams are tied in points after all Round Robin games have been completed, the following Tie Breaker will be used: 1. Overall Best GF/(GF+GA) 2. Overall Least Penalty Minutes 3. Earliest Goal in any game 4. Coin Flip
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Game #1 - Virden vs Gladstone
Game #2 - Minnedosa vs St. Boniface
Game #3 - Lac du Bonnet vs Virden
Game #4 - St. Boniface vs Brandon Avalanche
Game #5 - Minnedosa vs Notre Dame
Game #6 - Gladstone vs Lac du Bonnet
Game #7 - Notre Dame vs Brandon Avalanche